Surfskate courses at XMasters 2016 Riccione

Improve your surfing with surfskate.

XMasters 2016 - Riccione (zona Marano)
from 27th august to 3th september 2016

Whitezu - Surfskate Urban Wave &
organize surfskate courses (beginner - intermediate - advanced)

surf and surfskate coach

Alessandro Servadei 

courses will be held on the Surfskate Urban Wave Pro Training model
specially set up inside the sport village of XMasters.


every day
 morning 9.30/10.30 and 10.30/11.30
afternoon 15.00/16.00 and 16.00/17.00


15,00 €/h per person.

Participants are advised to use their own surfskates and personal protection equipment.


write an email at


Learn how to best use your surfskate for training when you're away from the waves.
Improve your surfing by learning the basic techniques under the guidance of an experienced instructor.

The coach

Alessandro Servadei, surf coach at Mosquito Surf Fuerteventura. For years he devoted himself to the improvement of surfers through the use of surfskates.
In his courses on surfskate it is used to communicate the basic movements of surfing in a simple and effective manner. Repeat the maneuvers indefinitely with an instructor beside allows to develop, in a few hours on land, skills, and automation that once at sea will be useful in order to make better, more frequently and with greater satisfaction.
More about Alessandro Servadei, click here.

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