Skate like you surf.

Surfskate is perfect for learning to surf and helps to improve the key elements of surfing techniques.

Once you have learned the basics using a surfskate board, when you enter the sea, surfing will be much easier, you will have a better balance and you will be able to surf longer and with more fun.


How Training with the Surfskate Will Make your Surf Better.

1. Learn to surf

Practice your surfing skills and improve your surf techniques on Whitezu Surfskate Waves to prepare for the real thing! Surfskate teaches you how to surf in a playful way and will improve your surfing skills significantly. You will be able to use the body movement and skills learned on the surfskate instantly on a surfboard.

The surfskate is excellent for beginners as it offers greater stability than a surfboard, helps improve balance and learn the right body posture to be taken on the board.

2. Improve Balance

Riding on the surfskate will increase your balance and stability. You won't fall off the surfboard as often as you did before and you will learn how to shift your body weight back and forth as it is adequate for riding a surfboard.

3. Generating Speed

Generating speed on the surfskate is exactly the same body movement as pumping on a surfboard. You get really fast on the surfboard and will be able to pass closing sections on the wave you weren't able to do before.

4. Surfing with Style

The more confident you are on the surfskate, the more fluent your body rotation becomes. You will learn to smoothly connect turns and surf carving turns from rail to rail.

5. Right Stance

The surfskateboard will teach you to adopt the right position, where to put your front and back foot and how to adjust your back leg for turning. Especially in a beginner state of surfing most mistakes occur due to stance and position of the feet.

6. Turning and Carving

One of the greatest advantages of training with the surfskates is the ability to turn like you do on a surfboard. You can practice bottom turns, cut backs and top turns, both backside and frontside. You will gain confidence to put your body weight on the rail and your surfing will become more radical.

7. Identify and Correct Mistakes

You can identify common mistakes you do on the surfboard really easily. Is your stance correct? Where are your eyes pointing? Do you rotate your head and shoulder to initiate turns? What are your hands and arms doing?
Repeating the surf maneuvers on the surfskate skateboards will help you to eliminate mistakes in no time.

8. Muscle Memory and Motor Learning

When the movement is repeated over time on the surfskate, a long-term muscle memory is created for the turns, allowing it to be performed without conscious effort on the surfboard.
This process decreases the need for attention and creates maximum efficiency within the motor and memory systems. Surfing becomes automatic and will improve with the practice.

A new generation of surfers is growing and their passion deserves a new platform to practice and make progress training with surfskates.

Surf coaches that want to integrate surfskate training in their programs can have a full range of Whitezu Surfskate Waves and an advanced training method.


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