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Helps surfers to stay fit when the surf is flat.

Surfskate Urban Wave is a perfectly breaking wave made for surfskating. Designed by Whitezu it is an asymmetrical ramp that is literally shaped like a wave, with a steeper inclined wave section on one side and a less inclined flat section on the opposite side. It encourages you to ride it like you surf, where you focus on pumping and snapping on the steeper section while using the flatter section for bottom turning.

The shape of wave helps building muscle memory by allowing surfers to try all those maneuvers they would normally do in the water, optimizing technical and athletic training.

Made with glass fiber reinforced plastic with an uniform and durable surface finishing made to last even in harsh environment and offer a  perfect grip for surfskate.

From now on you’ll have no excuse to skip your daily surf or surfskate training.

Backyard Model.

In only 6 meters every surfer a perfect modular wave made to optimize technical and athletic training for surfers.

Being only 6 meters x 2 meters long with a height of 80 cm is perfectly suited to create your own surfskate spot just by placing it on every surface like concrete or asphalt. A great solution for surf school, professionals or surf lovers that want to train with their surfskate even when there are no waves.


The Surfskate Urban Wave Pro Training Model is the first modular structure entirely conceived and designed for  the pratice of surfskate and the training of surf techniques.

It is a platform reproducing the solid form of a wave. It is composed of 8 wave-shaped modules made of composite glass reinforced plastic that are bolted together. Side platforms, decks and other accessories can be added to the basic structure.

The modules have been designed with the aim of optimizing the technical and athletic training for surfers in those days when the sea waves are not available. The surfers are able to practice the surfing techniques and manoeuvres they usually perform in the water on a dry area and to make progress easier and faster.

Thanks to the material employed, the modules are light, easy to move and simple to assemble and manage. Moreover, the modular system allows for easy configuration and expansion of a spot. The surface is uniform, durable even if exposed to the harshest conditions and designed ad hoc for the surfskate wheels grip.

The Surfskate Urban Wave is conceived to be placed both indoor or outdoor, in touristic facilities and sport venues and to be used by surf coaches when it is impossible to practice at sea or by event orgainizers to integrate the surf lifestyle in their events. Finally, it is ideal to create a surfskate urban spot serving as a meeting point for surf communities, a place where it is possible to train, take lessons, organize surfskate contests or simply have fun.

Unlike the typical skateboard structures that are based on physical exercise, the Surfskate Urban Wave introduces the concepts of slowness and wellbeing that surfskate has in itself, becoming more accessible to beginners and people of all ages.

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