Surf school and coaches.

Our wave was designed to optimize technical and functional training of the surfers. Thanks to Surfskate Urban Wave your school will always have the right spot where to train, without being affected by the sea or the weather conditions.

Training on a solid wave allows surfers to try their moves over and over while the coach can follow closely their kinetic chain of movement how they progress and can quickly correct / improve their form and execution.

In just one hour of surfskate training on the Surfskate Urban Wave you can try the same move a hundred times, improving muscle memory and reactivity in water.

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Surf shops and events.

Whitezu Surfskate Urban Wave is the perfect opportunity to turn your location into a meeting point for your community of surfers and surfskaters.

With our soulutions you can:

  • Add surfskate to create a well balanced mix of sport and wellness.
  • Add a new option for indoor and outdoor activities.
  • Add the positive vibe of surfskate to your events.
  • Add value to your activity by offering an addictive sport.
  • Offer your customer a unique spot where they can try out boards and equipment, organize surf lessons, tournaments and events for surfers and surfskaters in partnership with your local surf schools / shops.

We designed our wave to give surfers and surfskaters the right place where they can train and have fun together whenever they like to.

It’s easy to install and move, made with long lasting materials that resist extreme weather condition.

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How we can help!

Whitezu can help your surf training project
with a Surfskate Urban Wave Pro Training Spot or a Backyard Model.
Both are designed to optimize technical and functional training of the surfers.