10 Surf maneuvers you could train with ONDAzero 6 modules configuration.

Whitezu ONDAzero configuration with six modules optimize the training of surfers with surfskates indoor or outdoor.

In these videos you will see how to practice 10 surf exercises with a surfskate and 6 Whitezu ONDAzero modules leaning against a wall, the modules can be used all six in a single line or used in two groups consisting of three modules each.

Our head coach Alessandro Servadei (at www.surfskatecoaching.com) show us which surf maneuvers you can train with your surfskate when you have narrow space and you can't go to the sea.


1. Front Side Basic Wave Pumping with surfskate.

2. Front Side Wave Pumping with surfskate.

3. Front Side Bottom Turn Re-entry with surfskate.

4. Front Side 8 INFINITY BOTTOM TURN RE-ENTRY with surfskate.

5. Front Side Roundhouse Cutback Grab Rail with surfskate.

6. Back Side Basic Wave Pumping with surfskate.

7.  Back Side Wave Pumping with surfskate

8. Back Side Bottom Turn Re-entry with surfskate.

9. Back Side Roundhouse CutBack GRAB RAIL with surfskate.

10. Back Side 8 Infinity Bottom Turn Re-entry with surfskate.

With Whitezu ONDAzero You will always have the right spot where to practice surf maneuvers with your surfskate.

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