Surfskate Instructor Course

It took place on 25th and 26th March 2017 the Surfskate Instructor Course (Level 1). The first dedicated to the training of surfskate instructors with the method.

Organized into a theoretical classroom and practical lessons, the course was held at the Secret Spot Whitezu ( equipped with all Surfskate Urban Wave models: Pro Training 16 meters and Backyard Models. Here the future instructors have been training followed by Master Coach Alessandro Servadei (


The course applies a fast and effective teaching method to teach surfing and make athletes more technical using surfskate skateboards and wave-shaped structures. Participants spent two intense days of exercises with surfskate and now will have a year to prepare and pass the examination, which will make them instructors in every respect.

The surfskate skateboard can be used as a "cruiser" to carve flat on the streets and try the emotion to come out of a Bottom Turn in instinctive manner; but the true potential of this tool are enhanced by relying on a coach which soon will take off your surfing level leading you, in a few days, to perform deepest Bottom Turn and explosive Re-entry.

The course format has proved successful; the professionalism of the lessons was interspersed with moments of convivial tasting of organic food products, piadina and wine, helping to create an atmosphere of surf spot throughout the weekend.

Special thanks go to all those who believed in this project and who have supported it.

Vibram ( who supported us with its FiveFingers footwear, this allowed us to make interesting test with surfskate and finger mobility.

Carver Skateboards ( which has provided technical material, skateboards and gadgets.